Community Broadband Network

Mission Statement
The Community Broadband Network (CBN) is part of the Glenwood Springs Electric Department. The department is an Internet Service Provider delivering services through Fiber Optic and Wireless infrastructure, supplying high quality service not usually available to rural communities or small businesses. The CBN is dedicated to providing local residents and businesses access to technology services for community development.

Services Provided
Fiber Optic Internet
The CBN offers Fiber Optic Internet service with speeds up to 250 Mbps to business customers directly and through resellers. Enterprise services are available with speeds up to 1 Gbps. Competitive packages start at $70.00 per month.

Leased Point to Point Optical
Utilizing the City’s extensive Fiber Optic Network, the CBN offers leased fiber optic connections to multi-site businesses. Customers can achieve speeds up to 10 Gbps on their private network.

VoIP Telephone Service
 Low-cost VoIP phone service is provided by the CBN to business customers on the Fiber Optic Network. Features include multi-line configurable phones with distinct customer programming. Services start at $25 per month for basic phone service.

Co-Location Services
The CBN offers basic Co-Location services and limited Virtualization services to customers on the CBN Network. The CBN operates two Network Operations Centers to provide co-location services. Each NOC is equipped with controlled temperature, critical system monitoring, secure access and extended battery backup.

Additional Information
For more information about the Community Broadband Network, please visit the Community Broadband Network website.