Police Department

Mission Statement
To protect the personal safety and property of those that live in and visit the City of Glenwood Springs, enforce the laws of the City and State, help maintain a high standard of living in our community and provide all of our services in a fair and professional manner.

Services Provided
Uniformed Patrol
Response to calls, traffic enforcement, assist those with various problems, enforce Municipal Ordinances and State laws.

Support Functions
Detectives for investigation of crimes, administrative support through records management and administration of clerical and command functions, receiving calls and dispatching, assisting walk-in citizens, parking enforcement, Code enforcement of non-criminal issues.

Outreach and Special Programs
School Resource Officers, Drug Enforcement Task Force, Critical Incident Response, Youth Programs, Crime Prevention and community safety through bank personnel training, driver training through Alive at 25 Program, business safety planning assistance, liquor and marijuana licensing inspections.

Additional Information

For additional information, please visit the Glenwood Springs Police Department website.