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COVID-19 Grants

  1. COVID-19 Warming Equipment Application

    The City of Glenwood Springs has received funding from CDOT to purchase equipment to accommodate social distancing in our community... More…

  1. Small Business Relief Application

    The Legislature in a Special Session at the end of 2020, created a small business relief program to address the negative effects of... More…

CP Training

  1. Job Application
  2. Test Form 2
  1. Test Form
  2. Test Form 2

    In theory the name is the description!

General Complaint Form

  1. General Comment Form

    Use this form to submit any comments, complaints, or questions regarding the City of Glenwood Springs.

Get Glenwood Going Grant Application

  1. Get Glenwood Going Grant (DRAFT) - w/ Spanish

    Reseña del programa El propósito de este programa de ayude economica es proporcionar alivio de alquiler, servicios públicos o... More…