Pay as You Throw

Pay as you throw (PAYT) City-wide Trash and Recycling

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The City is in contract negotiations and planning for implementation of a City-wide residential trash and recycling collection program, Pay as You Throw (PAYT).

"Pay as you throw" means the price of trash service will be based on how much trash you produce, if you reduce your trash you will save money.

Recycling service will be mandatory, using the recycling service will help you save money by reducing trash

The core goals of this program are to:

  • Reduce truck traffic on our streets
  • Increase correct recycling
  • Reduce the number of recyclables being thrown away
  • Incentivize overall waste reduction

What trash & recycling pick-up could look like in Glenwood Springs beginning later this year

  • Glenwood Springs would begin providing trash and recyclables collection to residents under a city-wide contract structured to provide more services with better pricing
  • Instead of individual sign-up for collection as is the norm today, the city might select one hauler and provide both trash and recycling to each resident based on the size of service needed 
  • Pricing would vary with service levels such that residents with smaller trash carts will pay less – up to 4 trash service sizes will be provided under a new approach called “pay-as-you-throw” or PAYT
  • Every resident would have cubside, single-stream recycling service provided at no extra cost with pick up every-other-week

Why make a change?

  • City staff recommend the new system as a way to provide recycling to all residents - many homeowners do not recycle with their hauler today because it costs extra
  • Increased recycling will reduce the amount of trash sent to the South Canyon Landfill and delay the need for costly landfill expansion
  • Recycling more will give many residents the ability to “downsize” their trash container and reduce their monthly bills
  • The single-hauler approach will also reduce heavy truck traffic in City neighborhoods by as much as 60%, reducing street wear and tear and annual maintenance budgets 
Anticipated Timeline for the PAYT Process

Thank you to all who submitted comments. Your feedback helped inform the final request for proposal (RFP) as part of the competitive bidding process. On March 2, City council approved one of the proposals for PAYT services and authorized staff to begin contract negotiations. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

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